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How to Protect the New Paint Job on Your Car During Winter Weather?

If you have recently had a new paint job applied to your vehicle, you would want to protect it from damage. When you have a freshly painted car parked outside or when you are driving on the road, it is exposed to some elements that will damage the paint. So, our expert car detailers have made a list of tips to help protect your new paint job from harm during harsh winter weather conditions.

Add A Coat of Wax to Your Car

Wax your car before the snow storms hit to arm your car with a layer of protection that will shield the paint against corrosion caused by salt and dirt on the roads.

Don’t forget to apply wax on the lower parts of the vehicle, including behind the wheels, front grille, and quarter panels. This is because contaminants tend to build up and stay in these spots the longest.

Wash Your Car Between Snow Storms

winter car cleaning tipsWinter washing your car is a good practice you can follow to reduce damages on the paint of your vehicle. In between snow storms, carefully remove any grime or road salt with the help of a high-pressure sprayer. Be sure to dry your car thoroughly with a microfiber cloth and wax it again after each pressure washing.

Give it Extra Protection

After your car is waxed & cleaned, you can go the extra mile and add more protection with a paint sealant. This type of product makes the paint job less prone to damages caused by road grime, and chemicals that are used to remove ice from the roads.

Besides protecting your car throughout the winter weather season and beyond, you can save money. If you use this type of product, there will be no need to re-apply polymer wax as frequently.

Use a Car Cover

If you need to leave your car parked for several hours — especially if you do not have access to an enclosed parking area — a car cover will protect your new paint job from being exposed to snow, sleet, and ice during those cold winter months.

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Stay tuned for more car cleaning tips. Should you need to wash your car in Colorado, bring it to Mike’s Auto Spa. Our professional car detailers will make sure your freshly painted car survives this coming winter! Call us at 303-460-3866 to set an appointment.