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Never Worry About Cleaning Your Business Fleet Again!

Having your own business is very satisfying, but it requires hard work, dedication, and a laser-like focus on your vision to be successful. Taking time and your attention from directing your company to worry about other things that you can certainly delegate is only going to stress you more and take a toll on your energy and focus.

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If your work requires a fleet of vehicles to fulfill the services you offer, it is also crucial that they are always clean and presentable so as not to taint the image your clients will have of the way you take care of business. Being the way that Colorado weather is, we know that sometimes it may be a pain in the neck to keep your cars sparkling all the time – especially during the winter – but that doesn’t mean it is impossible.

What is going to be hard, though, is if you have to take care of the cleaning yourself, or at least have to check the vehicles every day to then send someone to wash them. We say it is hard because you already have so many things in mind and are busy enough running your entire company without having to worry about something that can be easily and smartly delegated to another professional, leaving you to focus on your job.

Fleet-Cleaning Services in Metro Denver

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With Mike’s Auto Spa, you’ll never have to worry about the look of your business fleet anymore. We offer volume discount plans that make washing and caring for all of your vehicles in the Denver Metro area very convenient.

You just need to sign up for the monthly service plan that best suits your needs, then place the unique vehicle ID sticker on each windshield, and that’s it! We can take care of the full washing and detail for most vehicle fleet types, including mini-vans, pick-ups, 4x4s, and full-sized vans up to 83 inches high.

We are a one-stop car wash shop, focused on providing only the highest quality vehicle cleaning and care services with the best customer attention and prices in the area. Bring your fleet to us for a full-service car wash that will leave it sparkling inside and out, and take advantage of that extra time you’ll have to focus on running your company!